Monday, April 30, 2007

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Các phần mềm học tiếng Đức:

-Rosetta Stone: The Rosetta Stone German I + II phần mềm học tiếng Đức hay nhất thế giới. Giúp bạn nắm bắt nhanh chóng Tiếng Đức 1 cách tự nhiên chỉ sau 3 tháng.

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-German Declan FlashCards: học từ vựng và cum từ phổ biến của Tiếng Đức:

-Từ điển Tiếng Đức: grosswoerterbuch langenscheidts

-Learn to speak German: dạng file MP3 và Learn to speak German Software

-The Complete Idiots Guide to Learning German on Your Own

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Deutsch Vergleichende Grammatik

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Deutsche Grammatik

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Welcome Madams and Sirs

Welcome to the website of our German Center. Our German Center belongs to the youngest language centers of Ho Chi Minh city and locates in the downtown.
The unique thing of our center is that here in our school, just only German language is taught. Another special thing, which is easy to get out from our center is that we have a very young, nice, creative and professional teaching team. But now, we would like to offer you all- as foreigners- a new service:
Vietnamese course is also organized.
Our philosophy bases on the very well-know saying- learning a new language means opening the door in the new world. So if you are here in Vietnam, that must be meaningful for you to comprehend the way the people think the way the people manage things and ect. And the question is with which facility you could open the door of heart and mind of the inland people- therefore, we would give you the best and most effective tip and it sounds: the language! The language could help you save the inconvenient experiences; shorten the distance between hearts to hearts, minds to minds; understand and feel the real needs of each others.
Otherwise, learning Vietnamese could help you integrate in Vietnamese society easily and have many new real life friends who could help and share you the time you spend here in Vietnam. So, why don’t you want to challenge you and give you a chance to know more to explore more and discover more and get more many-sidle experiences for life?We- German Center- wish that you let us catch the chance to help you get the way to the heart of the people here.
We would be honored to receive your questions and your interests in the course and we would be also glad and happy if we could give you the useful information about where- what- who for your daily days.
Your sincerely
German Learn